kookoo/ frittata, Vegetarains

Potato frittata ( kookoo sibzamini)

In Iranian cuisine, kookoo ( frittata) refers to a dish with fried vegetables or meat and egg. This kind of dish has a very beautiful crunchy texture. Today’s recipe is potato frittata ( koo koo sib zamini) made with chives, mint and eggs. Koo koo would be served warm or cold and leftovers are even… Continue reading Potato frittata ( kookoo sibzamini)


Tahini Baklava باقلوا ارده

Hi everyone😊 hope you are all fine. In my previous posts, i have shared several different recipes for baklava. This is other type of baklava, a crunchy, dry and without sugar syrup but still is crazily tasty.This is other type of baklava , very crunchy and without sugar syrup but still is tasty. Ingredients Filo… Continue reading Tahini Baklava باقلوا ارده