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Monte Cristo sandwich

What a great sandwich. You can make it savoury by adding Mayonnaise and mustard sauce or sweet by adding jam, it is just your choice and both are equally tasty. Traditionally the whole sandwich is dipped in the beaten egg and then pan fried or deep fried. Ingredients 6 slices of toasted bread 8 sliced… Continue reading Monte Cristo sandwich


Filo Parcels with Camembert Cheese

These pastry parcels are stuffed with Camembert cheese and Cranberry jam. Soooooooo delicious and at the same time very simple and easy recipe for making a perfect dinner or lunch. You can bake them in the oven at 180C for 25 minutes or fry in a pan. Ingredients 250g Camembert cheese Filo pastry sheets Cranberry… Continue reading Filo Parcels with Camembert Cheese

Desserts, Easter recipes

Chocolate eggs

It’s very easy and lots of fun to make egg chocolates at home with lots of beautiful ideas for different fillings. Ingredients Chocolate egg shells Milk chocolate, chopped White chocolate, chopped candy buttons Dried raspberries, chopped   For filling 1 cup soft cheese ¾ cup cream 1 tsp vanilla extract 1 cup orange/ apricot jam… Continue reading Chocolate eggs


Persian Marmalade Cookies (Shirni Mashhadi ) شیرینی مشهدی

These marmalade cookies are traditional Iranian version of shortbread cookies with marmalade or jam. very buttery, delicious and flaky. In Iran you can buy these tasty buttery cookies from bakeries and confectionery shops. These beautiful cookies are called with different names such as: Shirni Mashadi and shirni Almani. These cookies consisting of two cookies between… Continue reading Persian Marmalade Cookies (Shirni Mashhadi ) شیرینی مشهدی

Stew with polow

Sour cherry beef stew ( Khoresht-e Aalbalu) with spiced rice

This is a delicious / aromatic sweet stew due to combination of cherry stew with spiced rice. In Iran, best time to get fresh sour cherry is summer time. Most of housewives make jam and marmalade or simply freeze it, and once, want to make sour cherry stew, they use those. Anyway, I have also… Continue reading Sour cherry beef stew ( Khoresht-e Aalbalu) with spiced rice