Heavenly Chocolate Fridge Cake

In the summer time, forget the oven. I’s much better to switch it off and make some desserts like this delicious chocolate fridge cake instead. It’s fun to make a delicious, easy and giant chocolate bar for the kids and those adults who like to 'indulge'.. It is brilliant idea for a family and friendly… Continue reading Heavenly Chocolate Fridge Cake


Ice Cream Cake کیک بستنی

This is a very simple but beautiful recipe for an ice cream cake. I have baked my sponge cake but your can but if you have no time, buy a baked sponge cake and follow rest of the recipe. Ingredients for sponge cake 4 egg whites1 tsp vinegar120g sugar4 egg yolks120g plain flour½ tsp salt30… Continue reading Ice Cream Cake کیک بستنی