Ice Cream Cake

This is a very simple but beautiful recipe for an ice cream cake. I have baked my sponge cake but your can but if you have no time, buy a baked sponge cake and follow rest of the recipe. Ingredients for sponge cake 4 egg whites 1 tsp vinegar 120g sugar 4 egg yolks 120g… Continue reading Ice Cream Cake

Drinks and beverages


In summer time smoothies are great solution. You can make tens of smoothies with all fruits that you like and treat yourself and family members and friends with beautiful and scrumptious smoothies. Ingredients 2 ripe bananas 3 large slices of melons 2 cups mixed frozen fruits Vanilla yogurt Milk Honey Nuts: almonds – walnuts or… Continue reading Smoothies

Desserts, Vegetarains

Fruit Leather ( Persian Lavashak )

I remember in my childhood my aunties always used to make fruit leathers in traditional way in large trays and leave them outside in the garden or on the roof of their house in the sun for several days to dry out. You do not even need to have perfect fruit, so if there is… Continue reading Fruit Leather ( Persian Lavashak )

Desserts, Ramadan ( Ramazan), Vegetarains

Easy Nut Energy Bar

Hi lovely people. If you are very busy that have no time to eat your food, a delicious and good solution is nut energy bar that is a good sources of protein and carbohydrate. Ingredients 1 cup walnuts 1 cup almond ½ cup sesame seed ½ cup pistachio ½ cup cashew ½ cup pumpkin seed… Continue reading Easy Nut Energy Bar

Desserts, Vegetarains

Sweet/Sour Mint Syrup (Sekanjabin)

During  the Summer time in Iran to avoid of heat of summer, housewives make and bottle different types of syrups (Sharbat)by cooking fruits or flowers and herbs in dissolved sugar/honey water. Then, we store them and when we are gathering in family members , friends and guests group, we serve it. One of most popular… Continue reading Sweet/Sour Mint Syrup (Sekanjabin)