How to Make Homemade Butter

Butter made from milk of sheep, goat, cow, buffalo,…In old times, butter was luxury and used only in special occasions and events. Butter used for frying, sautéing and baking. It’s colour varies from deep yellow to pale yellow. Few days ago I prepared my own home made cheese and the result was FAN TAS TIC. Then I told myself lets make home made butter, why … Continue reading How to Make Homemade Butter

Fennel sharbat with cardamom

Sharbat /sherbet is a popular and common sweet and non-alcohol drink in Iran, India, Turkey, Afghnestan and Arab countries. Sharbat is served cold and chilled . In the 12th century a Persian book describes different kinds of sharbats in Iran which made with fruits, flowers and seeds includes: lemon, pomegranate, cherry, mint, fennel seeds, saffron, rose, jasmine, rose water….. Also several syrups are listed in … Continue reading Fennel sharbat with cardamom

No bake cookies with peanut butter

Sometimes no bake desserts will come handy in Summer season and warm weather. No need to heat up your kitchen by using the oven or gas stove. Ingredients 3 cups oat flour ¾ cup peanut butter pinch of salt ½ cup honey ¾ cup dark or white chocolate, melted 1 tsp vanilla extract How to make it? line a large plate with parchment paper and … Continue reading No bake cookies with peanut butter


In summer time smoothies are great solution. You can make tens of smoothies with all fruits that you like and treat yourself and family members and friends with beautiful and scrumptious smoothies. Ingredients 2 ripe bananas 3 large slices of melons 2 cups mixed frozen fruits Vanilla yogurt Milk Honey Nuts: almonds – walnuts or pistachio Instructions Peel and slice bananas and set aside. Cut … Continue reading Smoothies

Fruit Leather ( Persian Lavashak )

I remember in my childhood my aunties always used to make fruit leathers in traditional way in large trays and leave them outside in the garden or on the roof of their house in the sun for several days to dry out. You do not even need to have perfect fruit, so if there is some bruised fruits, just cut bad part and throw away … Continue reading Fruit Leather ( Persian Lavashak )

Sweet/sour mint syrup ( Sekanjabin)

During  the Summer time in Iran to avoid of heat of summer, housewives make and bottle different types of syrups (Sharbat)by cooking fruits or flowers and herbs in dissolved sugar/honey water. Then, we store them and when we are gathering in family members , friends and guests group, we serve it. One of most popular sharbat is Mint syrup). Basically it made from white vinegar, … Continue reading Sweet/sour mint syrup ( Sekanjabin)