Dish, Ramadan ( Ramazan), Vegetarains

Deemaaj دیماج

Qazvin in NW of Tehran, is one of ancient cities of Iran. Qazvin was capital of the Persian Empire under Safavids for 57 years. Nowadays, this city is one of important cultural and tourism centre in Iran due to archaeological sites, fortifications, monuments, ……. and beautiful sights and for its carpet patterns, poets, pistachio gardens… Continue reading Deemaaj دیماج


Azerbaijani Yogurt Soup

Today I made yogurt soup. Yes yogurt soup!!!. Perhaps it makes you curious or surprise to hear about it. But it is a very tasty soup made of Greek yogurt along with variety of fresh herbs and cereals. I have to mention this yogurt soup is different from other famous yogurt soup which is called… Continue reading Azerbaijani Yogurt Soup

samosa, dumpling, Vegetarains

Herb Stuffed Bread ( Herbs Samosa)

This is a very simple but healthy and tasteful recipe.  For wrapping herbs, I  use a kind of  Iranian bread that is called ‘ Lavash bread similar to tortilla bread . Ingredients 3 lavash bread (Tortilla bread) 30 g parsley leaves 30 g spring onions 50 g spinach leaves ½ Tsp turmeric powder Salt- pepper… Continue reading Herb Stuffed Bread ( Herbs Samosa)

Omelettes/ eggs, Vegetarains

Toasted bread omelette with herbs / cheese

These  are omelettes with toasted breads but in different way. Ingredients for omelette with herbs 1 large egg 1 slice of bread 2 tbs of olive oil 3 tbs of fresh herbs ( dill, tarragon and coriander) A clove of small garlic Salt- pepper to taste 1/2 tsp  turmeric Ingredients for omelette with cheddar cheese… Continue reading Toasted bread omelette with herbs / cheese

Salad/pickles/ jams, Vegetarains

Traditional Herb Salad with Bread and Cheese (Sabzi Khordan)

In Persian food table you will always have vegetable or herbs salad in summer time and different types of pickles in winter season. These salads are made of fresh fruits or vegetables that usually housewives are buying straightly fresh from vegetable grocery. In my country when we buy herbs, it is always selling in big… Continue reading Traditional Herb Salad with Bread and Cheese (Sabzi Khordan)