Bowl Shaped Kebab کباب کاسه ای

Sometimes when I am talking about bowl shaped kebab کباب کاسه ای, my friends assume, it is a bowl  filled with kebab, but actually it is opposite and it is a bowl shaped kebab that you can fill it with rice, cooked vegetables, salad, mashed potatoes, salsa,…. In one of my previous posts, I shared… Continue reading Bowl Shaped Kebab کباب کاسه ای

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Beyti Kebab

kebab کباب, kebab, kebab, it is always one of most popular dishes between people from any country. It does not matter where you are from, simply it is tasty and delicious. I have shared my Persian kebab recipes with varieties of pan fried kebabs, or grilled kebabs and today I am going to share a… Continue reading Beyti Kebab

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If you do not know what to make for tonight dinner and you are looking for something easy and scrumptious, so you can make beef nachos. It’s layers of tortillas, cheese, meat, beans and spices. It’s super delicious, super cheesy and most important is, this beef nachos satisfy all your family members. So today I… Continue reading Nachos


Uch Baji Dolmasi اوچ باجی دولماسی

ّIn Iran there are different types of dolma/dolmeh دلمه. Dolma is an Azeri word and in cooking culture means stuffed or filled. There are many forms of dolma including: stuffed grape leaves, stuffed eggplant( aubergine), zucchini, tomato, bell pepper, onion, potato, cabbage leaves. This dolma is called Uch baji. Uch means three and baji means… Continue reading Uch Baji Dolmasi اوچ باجی دولماسی

pasta/ spaghetti/ macaroni

Manti (Persian Dumpling)

Manti منتی or mantu مانتو is a kind of dumpling that is popular in many countries such as Iran, Turkey, China, Armenia, Poland, Russia.. It’s made with dough and fill with combination of ground meat , herbs, spices, cheese and vegetables. Manti (mantu) is a popular dish between Turkmen بندر ترکمن people who are living… Continue reading Manti (Persian Dumpling)