Desserts, Vegetarains

Sugared Grapes (انگور شکری)

This is a fun recipe. Super easy and beautiful. Every one will enjoy it, especially children. So obviously star of this recipe is grape. You can choose red- dark purple, or green grapes. Basically it is coating the grapes with sugar. You can use regular granulated sugar or coloured flavoured sugar. All are beautiful. With… Continue reading Sugared Grapes (انگور شکری)

Salad/pickles/ jams

Pickled Grapes (Torshi Angoor ترشی انگور)

Grape  is Angoor انگور in Persian language and the word torshi  ترشی comes from the Persian word torsh ترش, which means ‘sour’. So, Torshi is pickle in English. Iran ایران has hundreds of different types of torshi. Torshi is made with vegetables, fruits, herbs and different spice mixtures in vinegar and is common and popular in Iranian,… Continue reading Pickled Grapes (Torshi Angoor ترشی انگور)


Cheese wraps

This recipe is about cheese wraps. It is fast and easy and fun to prepare. Ingredients Tortilla bread or Persian Lavash bread Turkey slices ( or Ham) Red bell pepper, finely chopped Spring onions , finely chopped Grapes, finely chopped Walnuts, crushed Black olives, chopped Cream cheese Salt to taste Preparation I am going to… Continue reading Cheese wraps