Ice Cream Cake کیک بستنی

This is a very simple but beautiful recipe for an ice cream cake. I have baked my sponge cake but your can but if you have no time, buy a baked sponge cake and follow rest of the recipe. Ingredients for sponge cake 4 egg whites1 tsp vinegar120g sugar4 egg yolks120g plain flour½ tsp salt30… Continue reading Ice Cream Cake کیک بستنی


Golden Syrup Cake کیک شربتی

This delightful syrup cake is a super moist cake with a delicate blend of cardamom and orange blossom.. A Perfect, light, sweet cake with soft texture.Sometimes it’s called baklava cake, perhaps due to lozenge cut of cake. I bet once you taste this cake, it would be your forever favourite one cake. For making syrup… Continue reading Golden Syrup Cake کیک شربتی