Easy Garlic Soup Recipe سوپ سیر

This is a delicious and comforting garlic soup. Amazingly, garlic taste, is not as you expect, and actually is pretty nice and not annoying. Garlic or as we say in Farsi : seer سیر is amazing for it’s medicinal benefits and for it’s flavour. I know people who swallowing raw garlic every day for it’s… Continue reading Easy Garlic Soup Recipe سوپ سیر

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Homemade Oven Sun Dried Tomatoes

When someone say, sun-dried tomatoes گوجه فرنگی خشک شده , we think of tomatoes dried under a Mediterranean sun. But I think it is just a term for this tasty product even if we dry it in the oven not in the sun . I have tried store bought sun dried tomatoes but believe me… Continue reading Homemade Oven Sun Dried Tomatoes

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Keto Garlic Bread with Almond Flour

This is a keto bread. A garlic bread نان سیر in different way. It’s made with almond flour, cheese and garlic. Obviously it is garlic bread, but if you don’t like garlic taste, just skip it. Oh something else, when I baked and served this bread, no one could recognise it was almond flour bread 😁😁… Continue reading Keto Garlic Bread with Almond Flour

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Marinated Olives (Zeytoon Parvardeh)

In Northern cities of Iran, having pickled garlic with 7-10 years old and marinated olives in their daily meals is a MUST. If you are an olive lover, so perhaps my following post can caught your attention.  I love this salad or pickle which is called ‘ Zytoon Parvardeh زیتون پرورده’ or marinated olives with… Continue reading Marinated Olives (Zeytoon Parvardeh)

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Persian Dovga Soup آش دوغ اصیل اردبیل

Today I made Aash-e doogh آش دوغ (dovga aashi دوگا آشی). Maybe you ask what is Aash آش?? In Iranian cuisine there are two kinds of soup or liquid food. Aash آش is a thick soup and exactly like soup made with variation of vegetables, or noodles,, stocks and spices.But on the contrary soup سوپ… Continue reading Persian Dovga Soup آش دوغ اصیل اردبیل