Iranian Naan Fateer

Fatir/fateer فطیر or kiloocheh کلوچه are souvenirs from various cities and towns of Iran. Some of famous places in Iran, that are well known for baking Fateer are: Shirazشیراز,Hastrud هشترود, Tabrizتبریر, Ardebil اردبیل, Semnanسمنان, Arak اراک, Fomanفومن, khozestan خوزستان, and lahejan لاهیجان. Fateer is a stuffed pastry, a kind of sweet naan bread. Today, I… Continue reading Iranian Naan Fateer


Azerbaijani Naan Fateer فطیر

Fateer فطیر is one of tradional and local stuffed pastry in Iran. There are different recipes from different cities of Iran for these beauties. This Azerbaijani version, is called Fateer فطیر or Shereen chorakشیرین چورک in Azerbaijani language. Shereen chorak means Sweet bread. They are truly delicious and gorgeous with a golden yellow filling made… Continue reading Azerbaijani Naan Fateer فطیر