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Keema Naan نان قیمه هندی

Keema or qeema قیمه naan is a kind of stuffed meat bread. Maybe you asked what kind of meat is in the qeema naan. It might be minced beef or lamb. It’s absolutely super easy to prepare keema naan, t’s absolutely mouthwatering bread and it’s absolutely perfect 🙂 Ingredients for dough 500 g all purpose… Continue reading Keema Naan نان قیمه هندی

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Churros Recipe

Churros چوروس بامیه اسپانیایی are deep fried dough pastry. It is very similar to a Persian sweet that is called ‘ bamieh بامیه ’. Let say they are same with small differences. Persian bamieh after frying would be soaked in the saffron-sugar syrup but churros after frying would be coated with sugar-cinnamon. Churrosچوروس are usually… Continue reading Churros Recipe


Garlic Bread Knots نان سیر گره دار

I have baked these beautiful garlic knots with my home made pizza dough. But you can get pizza dough from supermarket or just as I mentioned make your own dough as I did. Ingredients 500g strong flour bread 325ml lukewarm water 7g dried yeast 1tsp salt 4 cloves of garlic, grated handful fresh parsley leaves,… Continue reading Garlic Bread Knots نان سیر گره دار