Azari Abgoosht-e Morgh آبگوشت مرغ آذری

Abgoosht آبگوشتis one of most traditional-popular Iranian foods. Abgoosht or Dizi ia one pot comfort meal. It’s not party dish. It is just cozy, easy and simple with satisfying taste food for a cold night in the winter. Abgoosht means ‘ meat broth / juice ’. It might be prepared with lamb or beef and… Continue reading Azari Abgoosht-e Morgh آبگوشت مرغ آذری


Abgoosht آبگوشت

Abgoosht آبگوشت, literally means ' meat juice'. Dizi is the name of a special pots for making this dish and that’s why other name for abgoosht is Dizi دیزی It's one of traditional dishes in Iran. In old days it used to be cooked in stone or ceramic pots inside the tandoori but nowadays it's… Continue reading Abgoosht آبگوشت