Apple strudel

This is a quick recipe for a crispy sweet and spiced apple strudel for a cold evening with a cuppa tea . Ingredients 400g apple 1 lemon zest 1tsp lemon juice 1 sheet puff pastry 140g sugar 80g raisins 70g almond flakes 1 ½ tsp cinnamon powder 1tbsp flour 1tsp vanilla extract 100g unsalted butter… Continue reading Apple strudel


Apple French Toast Roll Ups

Treat yourself and family members with something special. These healthy, and delicious apple toast roll ups are easy to prepare at home. You can use other fruits as filling too, like cherries, strawberries, banana, apple, .... Ingredients 2 large apples 10 slices of bread Cream cheese 2 eggs 1/3 cup sugar 2 tsp lemon juice… Continue reading Apple French Toast Roll Ups