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Fried Milk

Leche frita means fried milk a delicious Spanish dessert which is made of milk. Can you believe fried milk?? !!!! Since I have learned to make this dessert it is one of our favourites. Leche frita is a typical dessert in North of Spain. Basically it is made with milk and corn flour/flour until to… Continue reading Fried Milk

Desserts, Ramadan ( Ramazan)

Deep Fried flower cookies (Daisy flower)

These gorgeous cookies in the shape of Daisy flowers are delicious. However needs spend good amount of time in the kitchen but look at result. They are amazing. Ingredients for syrup 400 g sugar 235 ml water 2 tbsp rose water or orange blossom   Ingredients for batter 250 g plain flour ½ tsp dried yeast… Continue reading Deep Fried flower cookies (Daisy flower)