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How to Make Iranian Coconut Macaroons –Shirni Nargili

If you are a coconut lover, and you have tried coconut macaroons, so, do not forget add Iranian coconut cookies شیرینی نارگیلی to your cooking list as well and try these tasty cookies too. it is Soft, moist, tender and chewy on the inside, crispy and golden on the outside . This super easy recipe… Continue reading How to Make Iranian Coconut Macaroons –Shirni Nargili


How I Set Up My Christmas Tree🌷🌼🌻

Hi everyone, Christmas and new year is coming and I am sure you are busy too with putting up your Christmas tree and preparation yourself for arrival of new year. This is how i set up my tree along with my cutie pie cat, Malus. The following photos are taken by a friend of… Continue reading How I Set Up My Christmas Tree🌷🌼🌻


Leopard Print Cookies

Hi everyone or as we say in Farsi: salam be hamegi سلام به همگی . Well I am sure you have seen or bought leopard print shirt, coat, shoes, bag, …. so what about leopard print cookies کوکی پلنگی . They are buttery cookies and very easy to make them. Leopard Print Cookies 215 g… Continue reading Leopard Print Cookies


My Shortbread Cookies With Different Flavours

I love buttery shortbreadsشورت برد . My Shortbread Cookies Witth Different Flavours 1½ cups all purpose fllour ½ cup white sugar/caster sugar142 g unsalted butterr, room temperature1½ tsp vanilla extract1 orange or some dried thyme (optional) Preheat the oven to 160C degree. Line baking tray with parchment paper/baking sheet. Use an electric beater to beat… Continue reading My Shortbread Cookies With Different Flavours


Delicious Russian Milk Cookies (Korjiki )

Korjiki کورجیکی or Gorjiki گورجیکی cookies is a Russian milk cookies بیسکویت شیری روسی, with a taste of cinnamon and dark texture. This cookie is popular in Russia and East Europe. Korjiki is made of flour with honey, milk and …. Perfect treat with a cuppa tea, coffee, hot milk for adults and kids. Russian… Continue reading Delicious Russian Milk Cookies (Korjiki )