Leopard Print Cookies

Hi everyone or as we say in Farsi: salam be hamegi سلام به همگی . Well I am sure you have seen or bought leopard print shirt, coat, shoes, bag, …. so what about leopard print cookies کوکی پلنگی . They are buttery cookies and very easy to make them. Leopard Print Cookies 215 g… Continue reading Leopard Print Cookies

Drinks and beverages

Tasty chocolate milk

This chocolate milk is a rich and full of chocolate flavor. Everyone will love this tasty treat. Ingredients 800ml milk 50ml water 130g dark chocolate, grated 18g cocoa powder 40 g white sugar   How to make it?? In a saucepan add water, cocoa powder and sugar .Place over a medium heat and bring it… Continue reading Tasty chocolate milk

Desserts, Nations food

Tiramisu truffles ترافل تیرامیسو

A delicious Italian dessert with creamy texture, wonderful flavour and simple to make it. Ingredients 140g lady fingers biscuits1 tsp Nescafe or espresso3tbsp = 30 ml boiling water1 cup Mascarpone or soft cheese1/3 cup= 50g powdered sugar (icing sugar)½ tsp vanilla extractNutellaCocoa powdered How to make it Add boiling water to Nescafe, mix it and… Continue reading Tiramisu truffles ترافل تیرامیسو