Desserts, Nowruz

Mutekke Cookies(شیرینی متکا)

Mutekke or Cigarette  cookies are  traditional Azerbaijani cookies. Mutekke موتکه یا متکاwhich is called bolster in English language is a long and narrow pillow filled with cotton or feather. By the way I have attached some photos of Mutekke in following photos. So name of this cookie come from their shape which resembles a traditional… Continue reading Mutekke Cookies(شیرینی متکا)


Iranian Sour Cherries pilaf

Sour cherry or Morello cherry is called ‘ albaloo البالو ’ in Farsi language. Albaloo or moreloo cherry is smaller than sweet cherry with dark red colour. The origins for Sour cherry is in Iranian plateau or East Europe. This fruit is very popular in Iran from ancient time to modern day Iran. Nowadays, albaloo… Continue reading Iranian Sour Cherries pilaf


Persian Spicy Shrimp and Rice میگو پلو

Geographically Persian Gulf خلیج فارس form southern border of Iran. Therefore, seafood is a significant part of diet of inhabitants of the Iranian provinces that are located around the Persian Gulf. Today I made the Persian Gulf style prawn & rice. Prawn/shrimp is called ‘ meygoo میگو’ in Farsi language. This is an easy recipe… Continue reading Persian Spicy Shrimp and Rice میگو پلو