How I Set Up My Christmas Tree🌷🌼🌻

Hi everyone, Christmas and new year is coming and I am sure you are busy too with putting up your Christmas tree and preparation yourself for arrival of new year. This is how i set up my tree along with my cutie pie cat, Malus. The following photos are taken by a friend of… Continue reading How I Set Up My Christmas Tree🌷🌼🌻

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Chocolate Salami (salame)شکلات سالامی

This is an Italian chocolate treat around the Christmas time Chocolate salami is popular in Portugal, Italy, Albania,and Croatia. It is called Mossiko/Mozaik موزاییک in Greece and Turkey, and in Italy is called Salame. Chocolate salami is a chocolate treat.There is no meat in it, and it is called salami due to resemblance to meat… Continue reading Chocolate Salami (salame)شکلات سالامی