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Easy Home Made Hummus حمص نخود

Hummus حمص means Chickpeas in Arabic language and ‘nokhodنخود ’ in Farsi language. Hummus is a creamy and rich chickpeas dip which is made with mashed chickpeas, tahini, garlic, lemon juice, … Hummus served cold. It is high in protein and You can use it instead of mustard or mayonnaise sauce. You can make spread… Continue reading Easy Home Made Hummus حمص نخود

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Bulgur Rice/Pilaf

In Iran we use bulgur بلغور for making soup/َaash or other dishes. In Lebanan and Turkey bulgur is used a lot. I am going to introduce a traditional and popular Turkish recipe. it’s called bulgur rice/pilaf. Bulgur is full of nutritional benefits. It's easy to make with economical and low price ingredients for creating a… Continue reading Bulgur Rice/Pilaf

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Chickpea and Wheat Salad ( سالاد نخود وگندم)

This salad reminds me my childhood. I love it. just with 2 main ingredients: chick peas and wheat or barley you can prepare it, so it is very simple salad but but but with great taste. I mean a mixture of chickpeas and wheat along with a little bit of lemon juice, a little bit… Continue reading Chickpea and Wheat Salad ( سالاد نخود وگندم)

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Persian Dovga Soup آش دوغ اصیل اردبیل

Today I made Aash-e doogh آش دوغ (dovga aashi دوگا آشی). Maybe you ask what is Aash آش?? In Iranian cuisine there are two kinds of soup or liquid food. Aash آش is a thick soup and exactly like soup made with variation of vegetables, or noodles,, stocks and spices.But on the contrary soup سوپ… Continue reading Persian Dovga Soup آش دوغ اصیل اردبیل

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Falafel is one the most favourite fast foods in the Middle East. Falafel is an Arabic word,and plural ' filfil' meaning “pepper". Falafel is a meatless food and good source of protein and suitable for vegetarians. Originally it is spicy but in any country it has adjusted based on the taste of people. Falafel is… Continue reading Falafel