Omelettes/ eggs, Rice

Chicken Omelette Pilaf

This amazing chicken omelette with rice, comes from Ardebil, an ancient city near Caspian Sea and is called Chighirtma pila چیغرتما پلو in Azerbaijani language. Chigirtma is a mixture of eggs with chicken and caramelized onions. Chighirtma means screaming in Azerbaijani language. And do You know why this dish calls chighirtam? Because of the hissing… Continue reading Chicken Omelette Pilaf

Stew with polow

Black Eyed Beans Stew (Turshi Ghorma ترشی قورمه)

Turshi ghorma ترشی قورمه, is one of the traditional stews from Ardebil اردبیل an ancient and beautiful city on neighbouring Caspian sea. Ardebil is known for it’s natural honey, carpet and amazing landscapes. Twenty four sites in Iran are inscribed on the list of the World Heritage sites ( by UNESCO) and One of them… Continue reading Black Eyed Beans Stew (Turshi Ghorma ترشی قورمه)

Biryani, Rice

Hearty Chicken Pilau Biryani

Chicken pilaf/polow or pulao is one of the easy and tasty pilaf recipe. This is a mild spicy, warming, simple and colourful meal for a lazy weekend with family members . It is flavoured with spices, chicken, fresh coriander leaves, Chicken Pilaf 4 pieces of chicken breast or thigh2 cups rice, washed and soaked in… Continue reading Hearty Chicken Pilau Biryani


Turmeric Rice with Chicken کته زردچوبه با مرغ

Today I made rice with turmeric, fresh ginger and lemon juice. Turmeric is called Zard chobeh زردچوبه in Farsi language and Sari kuuk ساری کوک in Azerbaijani. You have no idea how much this dish was tasty.Turmeric is one of most popular spices in Persian cuisine. Turmeric with it’s earthy flavour and beautiful yellow colour,… Continue reading Turmeric Rice with Chicken کته زردچوبه با مرغ