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Hi everyone, I am so excited about this recipe. So I cooked omelette rice yesterday. It was just lovely, gorgeous and delicious rice dish , full of colour , taste , vegetables. I used chicken meat but if you wish you might be use sausages. You will be surprise how much is easy and simple… Continue reading Omurice

Stew with polow

Persian Artichoke and Celery Stew خورش کنگر فرنگی و کرفس

This is artichoke and celery stew which is called’ khoresh-e kangar farangi VA karafs’ in Farsi. It’s a mouth-wateringand aromatci dish. It's served over pilaf rice, super easy to make and sooooo marvellous.It's made with artichoke, celery, mint, meat, onions and spices.Stew means Khoresh خورش, celery is karafs کرفس and artichoke is kangar farangi کنگر… Continue reading Persian Artichoke and Celery Stew خورش کنگر فرنگی و کرفس

Stew with polow

Persian Celery Stew (Khoresh Karafas)

Firstly, celery in Farsi language is called ‘ karafas’. Secondly, this is heavenly deliciousssss Persian dish. I am sure among your meals, are some of them that flavour and taste develops more better next day, and celery stew is one of those. Basically, this dish made with celery, parsley and mint, … So there are… Continue reading Persian Celery Stew (Khoresh Karafas)


Pumpkin Risotto

The pumpkin risotto isn't as difficult as you may think. It's  full of flavor, rich and fantastically delicious. Ingredients 200 g pumpkin (De- seeded, finely chopped, cooked or roasted) 200 g risotto rice 200 g shredded Parmesan cheese 2 small bunch of fresh or dried rosemary ½ of a small red chilli ( chopped) 2… Continue reading Pumpkin Risotto