Carrot & Orange Jam مربای هویج وپرتقال

Making jam or as we say in Farsi: Morabba مربا in Iran is very popular. Morabba is an Arabic word for jam. In Iran, morabba refers to sweet preserves or jams. In Iran, we make different types of jam with fruits, vegetables and flowers such as: watermelon rind jam, pumpkin jam, lemon/orange jam, fresh pistachio… Continue reading Carrot & Orange Jam مربای هویج وپرتقال

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Three coloured Borek

Borek is a Turkish dish, a thin pastry dough called which is called Yufka. Borek maybe baked or fried with different kinds of fillings such as carrots, spinach, potatoes,  Feta cheese, minced meat, ... Ingredients Filo pastry sheets 500g spinach, chopped 200g minced beef 200 g Feta cheese 2 cloves garlic 3 carrots, grated 1… Continue reading Three coloured Borek

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Roses Carrot- Zucchini Tart تارت کدوسبز و هویج

This colourful tart will get all attention at a party. I love the contrast between colours in this dish. Ingredients 1 puff pastry sheet2 eggs1 large green zucchini6 orange- purple and yellow carrots350g ricotta cheese100g mozzarella cheese or Feta cheese¼ tsp nutmeg powder¼ tsp black pepper½ tsp dried mint or oreganoSalt to taste How to… Continue reading Roses Carrot- Zucchini Tart تارت کدوسبز و هویج

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Traditional Samarkand Polow پلو سمرقندی

This gorgeous rice dish is popular in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan in Central Asia. It is called: Samarkand polow. Samarkand or Samarqand سمرقند is an ancient city which is located in SE of Uzbekistan. Samarkand polow, can be made with meat like: lamb, beef or chicken, garlic , quail eggs and spices such as cumin that… Continue reading Traditional Samarkand Polow پلو سمرقندی