Mini Montrose Cakes Monchies

This is a super easy recipe for a traditional and delicious Scottish cake. I adapted this recipe from: Simply Scottish Cakes & Bakes, Written by Karon H Grieve. Mini Montrose Cakes Monchies 70 g Self raising flour80 g unsalted butter75 g white sugar45 g raisins or currants2 eggs, beaten2 tbsp rose water2 tbsp brandy (you… Continue reading Mini Montrose Cakes Monchies

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Earl Grey Cake

Have you tried or heard about pound cake with Earl Grey tea leaves??!!! I am a tea lover and I love to drink tea with different flavours. Earl Grey tea چای ارل گری is one of them. So imagine to have a cake with Earl Grey flavour. Taste is very surprising and aromatic, a buttery… Continue reading Earl Grey Cake


Tiny Apple Cakes

These tiny apple cakes پای سیب are so very popular in Iran. You can buy these beauties from any confectionery shops in Iran. These cakes have a spongy texture, dusted with icing sugar and with cinnamony flavour. It is really easy to prepare them at home with simplest ingredients. Tiny Apple Cakes ( Pie-e Seeb)… Continue reading Tiny Apple Cakes

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Banana & Walnut Loaf

I obsessed over my banana and walnut loaf . It’s a moist cake, it’s rich, it is DELICIOUS. Obviously it is banana cake and main star of the recipe is banana. The ideal bananas for this cake loaf recipe are: frozen bananas, or bananas left in the fruit basket and overripe bananas too, all are… Continue reading Banana & Walnut Loaf

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Muraveynik (Anthill Cake کیک لانه مورچه ای )

This is a delicious cake full of flavour. Russians call it Muraveynik لانه مورچه because it resembles anthill. With few inexpensive ingredients and very easy technique you can create a crunchy fabulous anthill cake. Very easy to cook and very delicious to eat. It is a good treat for occasions like Halloween or for daily… Continue reading Muraveynik (Anthill Cake کیک لانه مورچه ای )