Oven Baked Bread

This is a simple recipe for a very soft and easy home made bread نان with delicious taste. This recipe requires a few ingredients. It is a lovely bread for breakfast. نان خانگی /home made bread Oven Baked Bread 1 kg plain flour650 ml lukewarm water2 tbsp vegetable oil1 tbsp white sugar1 tsp dried yeast1… Continue reading Oven Baked Bread

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Banana & Walnut Loaf

I obsessed over my banana and walnut loaf . It’s a moist cake, it’s rich, it is DELICIOUS. Obviously it is banana cake and main star of the recipe is banana. The ideal bananas for this cake loaf recipe are: frozen bananas, or bananas left in the fruit basket and overripe bananas too, all are… Continue reading Banana & Walnut Loaf


Lavash Bread

Are you tired of toast bread?? are you interested to try one of the easiest flat bread in the world at home?? Then, you’re gonna love the following recipe. In Iran we have different types of breads such as Naan Lavash نان لواش, Naan Taftunنان تافتون, Naan Sangak نان سنگک, and  Naan Barbari نان بربری. All traditional bakeries… Continue reading Lavash Bread


ّFocaccia Bread

When I am baking bread, everything is good , especially with this one. Just look at it. It looks like a painted picture. A beautiful and DELICIOUS FOCACCIA BREAD, with lots of colour, and flavours. I just can tell, combination of all these herbs and vegetables with bread, created a gorgeous bread. It starts as… Continue reading ّFocaccia Bread


Sangak Bread (Naan Sangak)

Sankagk bread نان سنگک is one of the tastiest Persianflat bread (Naanنان) which is made with wholemeal wheat and strong flour and is baked on the hot pebble stones which gives special and unique texture and taste to the bread. Sangak was baked in Iran since 100s years ago. In all traditional bakeries in Iran you… Continue reading Sangak Bread (Naan Sangak)