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Hot Turmeric Milk Drink (Golden Milk شیر طلایی )

Turmeric is called Zard chobeh زردچوبه in Farsi language and Sari kuuk ساری کوک in Azerbaijani language. Turmeric is one of most popular spices in Persian cuisine. Turmeric with it’s earthy flavour and beautiful yellow colour, give a gorgeous colour and taste to to any dish, soup and dessert. It has benefits for you. Turmeric is a good source of vitamins. It… Continue reading Hot Turmeric Milk Drink (Golden Milk شیر طلایی )

Drinks and beverages

Tasty chocolate milk

This chocolate milk is a rich and full of chocolate flavor. Everyone will love this tasty treat. Ingredients 800ml milk 50ml water 130g dark chocolate, grated 18g cocoa powder 40 g white sugar   How to make it?? In a saucepan add water, cocoa powder and sugar .Place over a medium heat and bring it… Continue reading Tasty chocolate milk