Nations food

Chinese Beef Chow Mein

This tasty dish is popular in China. Chow meaning fried and mein meaning noodles. It’s a sort of stir fried dish consisting noodles, meat ( might be chicken, beef, shrimp) with vegetables such as onion, bell peppers, …. Ingredients 100g beef, cut into think strips 200 g dried egg noodles 1 small yellow-orange bell peppers, cut into… Continue reading Chinese Beef Chow Mein

Omelettes/ eggs

Eggs in Tomato and Beef

All of us experienced egg dishes such as: egg salad, omelette, frittata. And it’s pretty easy, simple and very delicious food for a lazy day.   Ingredients 4 large eggs 100 g beef, cooked and diced 200 g can diced tomatoes or fresh tomatoes 2 tbsp tomato paste Salt and pepper to taste Olive oil… Continue reading Eggs in Tomato and Beef


Brussels Sprouts Soup سوپ کلم بروکسل

A hearty soup with creamy texture for winter season. One of ingredients for  this soup is bacon. Bacon is a meat prepared from cured pork but there are meats from other animals like: beef, lamb, turkey that prepared resemble to bacon and referred to as bacon. Brussels sprouts soup Ingredients 250 Brussels cabbage, slices 50… Continue reading Brussels Sprouts Soup سوپ کلم بروکسل

Dish, Nations food

Beef stroganoff with Fusilli lunghi pasta

This delicious dish serves usually serves with pasta, chips or rice. I have tried with all and would say equally are going well with beef stroganoff. Ingredients 200 g beef sirloin steak 150 g fusilli lunghi pasta 2 medium onions. Cut lengthwise 230 g mushroom, sliced ½ cup sour cream 1 Tbsp mustard sauce 1… Continue reading Beef stroganoff with Fusilli lunghi pasta

Stew with polow

Iranian Okra Stew with Beef خورش بامیه

Okra stew is a hearty- comfort food and it's a staple recipe in my kitchen. Khoresht is a term for stew in Iranian cuisine.  Okra is called ' Bamieh' in Farsi language. Khoresht-e  bamieh is popular dish in Middle East countries.  In Iran, Okra stew is traditionally from southern part of Iran. It is a… Continue reading Iranian Okra Stew with Beef خورش بامیه