Desserts, Ramadan ( Ramazan)

Gosh-e Feel (Elephant Ear Pstries)

Goshe feel گوش فیل is a traditional deep fried pastry in Iran. These tasty fried pastries, are soaked in saffron-sugar syrup. For Saffron-sugar syrup recipe, click here: Gosh-e feel گوش فیل in Farsi means elephant ear. Maybe you ask why elephant ears? Well, Gosh-e feel Made by shaping dough into the elephant ear shape pastry… Continue reading Gosh-e Feel (Elephant Ear Pstries)

Desserts, Ramadan ( Ramazan)

Zoolbia (Deep Fried Pastry)

Zoolbia زولبیا is a kind of deep fried pastry with crunchy- crispy texture and soaked in saffron-rose water and sugar syrup. It’s one of the traditional and popular dessert of Ramadan ماه مبارک رمضان for Iftar افطار ( breaking fasting time). Zoolbia is made with flour, plain yogurt, corn starch, and then diped in saffron-rose… Continue reading Zoolbia (Deep Fried Pastry)


Saffron-Sugar Syrup Recipe

You can make this syrup from scratch and with just few ingredients at home. This is a simple saffron–sugar syrup that can lasts for a while in the fridge. This syrup شربت بار/شهد not only can be used for zoolbia زولبیا - bamieh بامیه and gosh-e feel گوشفیل deep fried pastries, but also is used… Continue reading Saffron-Sugar Syrup Recipe

Desserts, Nations food, Ramadan ( Ramazan)

Churros Recipe

Churros چوروس بامیه اسپانیایی are deep fried dough pastry. It is very similar to a Persian sweet that is called ‘ bamieh بامیه ’. Let say they are same with small differences. Persian bamieh after frying would be soaked in the saffron-sugar syrup but churros after frying would be coated with sugar-cinnamon. Churrosچوروس are usually… Continue reading Churros Recipe

Stew with polow

Iranian Okra Stew with Beef خورش بامیه

Okra stew is a hearty- comfort food and it's a staple recipe in my kitchen. Khoresht is a term for stew in Iranian cuisine.  Okra is called ' Bamieh' in Farsi language. Khoresht-e  bamieh is popular dish in Middle East countries.  In Iran, Okra stew is traditionally from southern part of Iran. It is a… Continue reading Iranian Okra Stew with Beef خورش بامیه