Desserts, Nowruz

Cigarettes Cookies(شیرینی سیگارت)

Mutekke or Cigarette  cookies شیرینی متکا یا سیگارت are  traditional Azerbaijani cookies. Mutekke موتکه یا متکاwhich is called bolster in English language is a long and narrow pillow filled with cotton or feather. By the way I have attached some photos of Mutekke in following photos. So name of this cookie come from their shape… Continue reading Cigarettes Cookies(شیرینی سیگارت)

Stew with polow

Iranian Almond Stew (Pichagh Qheymasi)

Ardabil اردبیل is an beautiful city with very friendly and nice people in NW of Iran, near the Caspian Sea. Almond stew or Pichagh ghemasi پیچاق قیمه سی is one of local and traditional dishes comes from Ardabil.  Pichagh means knife in Azari language and refers to the silvered almonds. This scrumptious stew made with… Continue reading Iranian Almond Stew (Pichagh Qheymasi)

pasta/ spaghetti/ macaroni, Vegetarains

Pasta with Potatoes and Garlic Yogurt Sauce

This pasta  dish  is simple, easy and  divine. There is no meat sauce but with fried potatoes and onions along with garlic yogurt sauce is just a piece of heaven in your plate.   Ingredients:120 g pasta2 medium potatoes, peeled and diced into small cubes2 medium onions, peeled and chopped 1/2 cup Greek yogurt1 clove… Continue reading Pasta with Potatoes and Garlic Yogurt Sauce


Iranian Noodle Soup ( Ash-e Reshteh)

This kind of  noodle soup (aash) is popular in Ardebilاردبیل , an anicent  and historical city in NW of Iran. It has a sour/sweet taste due to vinegar and prunes in it.. This is a  rich noodle soup with cereals, meat balls, fried onions and dried mint. In Ardebil this soup (aash) is called :… Continue reading Iranian Noodle Soup ( Ash-e Reshteh)