Olive Bread with Cheddar Cheese

This gorgeous bread is truly delicious. If you are a olive lover, this bread will make you so happy. Ingredients 350 g plain flour 250 ml lukewarm  water 15 g dried yeast 1 Tsp salt 1 Tsp sugar 1 Tbsp. virgin olive oil 100 g stuffed green olives, cut into small pieces 200 g shredded… Continue reading Olive Bread with Cheddar Cheese

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Indian Chickpea Flat Bread

This bread with crispy on exterior and soft on the inside, is light and low in carbohydrates. Chickpea flour also known as gram flour or besan. You might call these breads pancake or crepe as well. Ideal bread for dipping in yogurt, oils or vinegar. It’s pretty easy recipe includes basic batter made of chickpeas… Continue reading Indian Chickpea Flat Bread


Home made bell peppers bread

Ingredients 450 g white flour 1/2 red bell pepper 1/2 yellow bell pepper 1/2 green bell pepper 1 tbs olive oil 1 tbs salt 150 ml yogurt 2 tbs tomato puree 2 tsp dried rosemary ( or your favourite herb) 1 tsp sugar 2 tsp dried yeast 150 ml tepid water preparation Preheat oven to… Continue reading Home made bell peppers bread