Delicate Donuts Recipe

Have you ever seen or tried these bite sized yummy donuts👇👇😊😊??There was a bakery near our house, and you could find these donuts there, and I could not resist buying some.  Maybe you think, that baking donuts is very difficult or perhaps messy but believe me or not, It’s absolutely an easy and quick recipe.… Continue reading Delicate Donuts Recipe


Kutab (An Azerbaijani Stuffed Flat Bread Naan)

Qutab naan bread نان قطاب or Kutab نان کوتاب is an Azerbaijani gorgeous and very thin flat bread (naan) which is typically filled with ground meat and onions or green herbs such as mixture of spinach, dill, coriander, … spices and feta cheese. This bread is different from Qottab/Ghottab pastry شیرینی قطاب Kutab comes with… Continue reading Kutab (An Azerbaijani Stuffed Flat Bread Naan)