Delicate Donuts Recipe

Have you ever seen or tried these bite sized yummy donuts👇👇😊😊??There was a bakery near our house, and you could find these donuts there, and I could not resist to buy some of them. Maybe you think, that baking donuts is very difficult or perhaps messy but believe me not about these donuts. It’s absolutely… Continue reading Delicate Donuts Recipe

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Qottab شیرینی قطاب

Qottab/Ghotab شیرینی قطاب is one of Iranian delicacy from Yazd یزد, an ancient and famous city in Iran, that is recognised as a world Heritage site by UNESCO. Yazd is well known for its history, sweets and traditional architectural element which is called Wind catcherبادگیر and since ancient time up to now is used. Yazd… Continue reading Qottab شیرینی قطاب