Delicate Donuts Recipe

Have you ever seen or tried these bite sized yummy donuts👇👇😊😊??There was a bakery near our house, and you could find these donuts there, and I could not resist buying some.  Maybe you think, that baking donuts is very difficult or perhaps messy but believe me or not, It’s absolutely an easy and quick recipe.… Continue reading Delicate Donuts Recipe

Desserts, Nowruz

Qottab شیرینی قطاب

Persian new year or Nowruz is nearly approaching and one of the biggest Nowrouz traditions is baking delicious sweets and pastries . You have no idea, the cardamom, cinnamon, and rose water aromas are filling my kitchen right now. One of popular sweets for Nowruz is called: Qottab. Qottab/Ghotab شیرینی قطاب is one of Iranian delicacy… Continue reading Qottab شیرینی قطاب