Desserts, Nowruz

Almond Cookies شیرینی بادامی

ُThis is a quick and easy recipe for creating tasty and light almond cookies. Ingredients 30g almond meal 100g plain flour 60g butter 50g white sugar ½ egg, beaten ½ tsp Vanilla extract pinch of salt 1 whole egg for coating almond flakes Method Bring the butter to room temperature. Place it in a mixer… Continue reading Almond Cookies شیرینی بادامی

Desserts, Valentine's Day

Persian Love Cake کیک عشق ایرانی

Valentine’s day روز ولنتاین is a celebration of romance and love in many countries around the world including Iran. Valentine’s day is a Western festival but perhaps you may know, in Iran we celebrate it twice. Yes you heard right. The first one is on the 14th Feb and second one is on the 24th… Continue reading Persian Love Cake کیک عشق ایرانی