A Vegetarian/Vegan Chickpea Stew

Chickpea stew. Delicious and heart warming.

radio show

Love Songs – Rozina’s New Radio Show

Hi food lovers and my food page readers. As you may know, I am Iranian and living in Scotland. I share my Persian food recipes. Recently, I have started to do Persian food podcast in an online radio in Scotland every Thursday and same radio station asked me to do a Love Songs Show for… Continue reading Love Songs – Rozina’s New Radio Show


A Yummy Recipe 4 Nougat

Tabriz  تبریز is located in NW of Iran. A beautiful, ancient and historical city with wonderful mountains, landscapes, and rich cultural places like: mosques such as Blue mosqueمسجد کبود with gorgeous blue tiles, that was constructed in 1465 with long history and story, and Jameh mosque مسجد جامع , Grand Bazaar بازار بزرگ, Churches  such as St. Stephanos… Continue reading A Yummy Recipe 4 Nougat