Stew with polow

Black Eyed Beans Stew (Turshi Ghorma)

This is one of traditional Azerbaijani stew from Ardebil اردبیل an ancient and beautiful city on neighbouring Caspian sea. They key point in making this stew is using lots of fried onions that should be very finely sliced. Ardebil is known for it’s trade in honey and carpet. Twenty two sites in Iran are inscribed… Continue reading Black Eyed Beans Stew (Turshi Ghorma)

Omelettes/ eggs

Azerbaijani Pomegranate Omelette

what a beautiful fruit pomegranate is. Everything in this fruit is perfect. Pomegranate is a round fruit, it has a red colour, thick and inedible leathery skin, with hundreds of those red juicy seeds looks like precious gem stone, ruby. The Pomegranate or as it is called in Farsi ‘Anaar انار ’ & and in… Continue reading Azerbaijani Pomegranate Omelette


Cutie Chocolate Flower pots

I can not stop watching these sweet chocolate cups. It is very easy to create such a pretty, cute and tasty chocolate cup, jar, pot or basket. chocolate jars or cups are edible containers. You can use milk chocolate or white chocolate. Children and adults will love it. They are eye catching treat for any… Continue reading Cutie Chocolate Flower pots


Marvellous Green Cake (Spinach Cake)

Hello everyone. Do you like green colour?? green colour drinks like green tea, green colour nuts like pistachio, or what about green cake?? Oh I heard some of you say, mocha cake, or pistachio cake. Well those are lovely cakes too but what about Spinach cake?? Yes you heard it right. A super super delicious… Continue reading Marvellous Green Cake (Spinach Cake)

kufte/meatballs, Spaghetti/pizza

Giant Spaghetti Stuffed Meatball

Do you want to surprise your family members or guests with a different type of meatball spaghetti and impress them?? Ok this is time of truth 😊 With this super giant, super tasty spaghetti stuffed meatball you will have all in one package. I mean instead of serving separate spaghetti with meatballs why not to… Continue reading Giant Spaghetti Stuffed Meatball