Thank YOU

My dear page readers, foodie friends and bloggers on facebook and at my web page, I am pleased to announce, I got my first hundred YouTube subscribers. I am so glad about it. In my Iranian kitchen, I do catering, Private cooking courses at home, Presenting Persian cuisine on my facebook and at my web… Continue reading Thank YOU

Salad/pickles/ jams, Sandwich

Layered Sandwich ساندویچ لایه ای

This is a delicious, beautiful and super easy layered sandwich with an incredible easy sauce. I love the layers of this sandwich. It is an easy sandwich of layers of tortillas bread with shredded chicken, hard boiled eggs, carrots, lettuce, onions,….. You can switch up the ingredients and add in meat or vegetables that you… Continue reading Layered Sandwich ساندویچ لایه ای

Nations food, Rice, Vegetarains

A Delicious Spicy Mexican Rice Recipe پلو مکزیکی

Mexican rice dish due to using tomato puree and paste has a gorgeous orange colour. It is a spicy and tasty rice dish. For making this rice we need long grain rice. It is an easy recipe that would be ready in less than 40 minutes. Spicy Mexican Rice 2 cups long grain rice, washed… Continue reading A Delicious Spicy Mexican Rice Recipe پلو مکزیکی

Dip - Sauce, Sauce, Vegetarains

Fava Bean Dip دیپ لپه باقالی

Any appetizer tray will be more delicious with dipping sauce or with dip دیپ and is perfect for any family or friends gatherings and party. One of nice dipping sauce is Fava bean dip دیپ لپه باقالی, which is, creamy, delight , rich and full of flavour. Fava beans dip is made with just a… Continue reading Fava Bean Dip دیپ لپه باقالی

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Basma Recipe طرز تهیه باسما

Salam, hi everybody. I love to try dishes from different countries. That’s why I tried an absolute delicious and rich dish from Uzbekistan ازبکستان, an ancient country in Central Asia. It is called ‘Basma باسما ‘ a slow cooked beef/lamb stew. Basma means press down. It is a simple dish. The Result production is tender… Continue reading Basma Recipe طرز تهیه باسما