Food Menu

Hello ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to Rozinaspersian kitchen. Thank you for choosing my kitchen for your food orders. For ingredients of each meal, please type name of the food in the search box, to find out ingredients. £7 delivery Charge.Thank you very much

Starter and salads

Persian eggplant dip with yogurt-garlic sauce (Kashke bademjan) £10

Salad Olivieh (Persian style potato salad with potatoes, eggs, green peas, pickled cucumber, chicken, mayonasie) £10

Unique sauteed spinach with garlic yogurt dip (fried spinach, yellow split peas, rice, caramelized onions with garlic-yogurt sauce) £8

Salad Shirazi (cucumber, tomatoes, onions, lemon and dried mint) £6

Port sausages (mixture of sausages, potatoes, onions, tomato paste and spices) £6

Dolmeh (Stuffed vegetables)

Two Stuffed cabbage leaves £8

One stuffed eggplants £8

One stuffed zucchini £6

Four stuffed onions £8

One stuffed bell pepper £7

stuffed bread and flat naan bread

Five Muttabak £10

One Kelane naan bread (stuffed naan bread with herbs and feta cheese)£5

One plain naan bread £2

Vegetarian dishes

Adas polow (Rice mixed with Lentils, caramelized onion, fried dates and raisins) £10

Persian tomato rice £8

One stuffed bell pepper £6

Soya rice £10

3 Vegetarian kebab with tomatoes and bread £10

Bulgur Kofta £10

Eggplant dish £10

Turmeric rice with fava beans £10

Rice dishes and Stews

Okra stew with beef/lamb and rice £14

Persian minced kabab with rice (Chelow kebab) £20

Pan fried chicken kebab with fried tomatoes, pepper and saffron rice £12

Pan fried beef or lamb kebab with steamed rice, tomatoes £15

Eggplant rice £14

Spiced rice pilaf £18

Turmeric rice with chicken £12

Ghormeh sabzi (Persian herbs stew with aromatic fresh herbs, kidney beans, beef/lamb, spices) £13

Sabzi polow ( rice mixed with aromatic herbs and served with herbs frittata) £12

Persian spicy prawns and rice £12

Zereshk polow ( rice mixed with Barberries, served with chicken in orange juice and saffron sauce) £18

Adash polow ( rice mixed with Lentils and served with minced beef Qeema) £14

Fesenjan ( pomegranate and walnuts stew with chicken/ beef or meatballs served with rice)£20

Iranian cabbage rice ( rice mixed with fried cabbages, aromatic fresh herbs and meatballs) £16

Omelette/ pattie and dishes with bread

Tomato omelette (shakshuka) £7

Chicken Omelet (fried chiken, caramelized onions, eggs and spices) £8

Little orphan (meatballs, potatoes, onions, tomato paste, spices) £12

Tas kebab (Persian meat and vegetable stew ) £13

Meat patties (made with minced beef, grated potatoes, onion, egg, spices), wtih French fries fried tomatoes and flat bread or with rice (3 patties,£15)

Spaghetti and pasta

Persian style spaghetti £12

Azerbaijani pasta with potato and garlic yogurt sauce £11

Frittata (Persian Kookoo)

Persian frittata with herbs (kookoo Sabzi) £10

Spinach and ground beef fritta served with rice (made with minced beef, spinach, mashed potatoes, eggs, walnuts, barberries, and spices) £15

Desserts and Sweets

Persian saffron rice pudding £10

Fereni (Persian rice flour pudding) £8

Six Persian tiny donuts £7

Persian Zaban (puff pastry sweet) £3