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A Recipe 4 Yummy Mutabbal متبل خوشمزه

If you are an eggplant lover, mutabbal would be one of your favourites. Eggplant/ aubergine or patlican which is called bademjan بادمجان in Farsi language is a popular ingredient in Middle Eastern cuisines. Mutabbal متبل is a popular eggplant dip or a side dish. It is very easy to make it and super tasty. متبل… Continue reading A Recipe 4 Yummy Mutabbal متبل خوشمزه

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Easy Home Made Hummus حمص نخود

Hummus حمص means Chickpeas in Arabic language and ‘nokhodنخود ’ in Farsi language. Hummus is a creamy and rich chickpeas dip which is made with mashed chickpeas, tahini, garlic, lemon juice, … Hummus served cold. It is high in protein and You can use it instead of mustard or mayonnaise sauce. You can make spread… Continue reading Easy Home Made Hummus حمص نخود

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Dill-Potato Rice (ََA Persian Vegetarian rice dish)

Dill rice is one of the traditional, delicious, flavoured and fragrant fluffy Persian rice dishes. Dill is called Shivid شوید in Farsi, This aromatic herb has a lovely flavour and aroma. There are different recipes for dill rice. Sometimes you can mix dill and Fava beans with rice and sometimes mix dill and potatoes with… Continue reading Dill-Potato Rice (ََA Persian Vegetarian rice dish)

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Stuffed Onions دلمه پیاز

For all dolmeh/dolma دلمه lovers or stuffed dishe lovers, this is an excellent and comfy main meal. Dolmeh/dolma دلمه is a kind of stuffed dish. The word dolma is a Turkish word and it means to fill. Dolmeh is a popular dish in Iran, Arabic countries, Turkey, Azerbaijan and East Europe. In Iran there are… Continue reading Stuffed Onions دلمه پیاز