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Quinoa Naan Bread نان کینوا

I am not vegetarian or vegan but time to time I like to bake and try breads with seeds such as quinoa or flax seed. This recipe is very simple and easy quinoa bread. You can make either quinoa flat bread or loaf bread.  It is gluten free and  I have made this bread several… Continue reading Quinoa Naan Bread نان کینوا

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Flax seed Flat Naan Bread نان تخم کتان

In my previous posts, I shared recipes for making spicy lentil flat naan bread, and also chickpea flat bread. And today I am sharing two wonderful gluten free breads. This is my Flax seed naan bread. A good and healthy flat  bread replacement when doing a low -carb diet.  Good source of protein and fibre. Baking… Continue reading Flax seed Flat Naan Bread نان تخم کتان

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Sugared Grapes (انگور شکری)

This is a fun recipe. Super easy and beautiful. Every one will enjoy it, especially children. So obviously star of this recipe is grape. You can choose red- dark purple, or green grapes. Basically it is coating the grapes with sugar. You can use regular granulated sugar or coloured flavoured sugar. All are beautiful. With… Continue reading Sugared Grapes (انگور شکری)

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Falafel is one the most favourite fast foods in the Middle East. Falafel is an Arabic word,and plural ' filfil' meaning “pepper". Falafel is a meatless food and good source of protein and suitable for vegetarians. Originally it is spicy but in any country it has adjusted based on the taste of people. Falafel is… Continue reading Falafel

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Aubergine Pirogue

The meaty aubergine or eggplant with earthy taste is brilliant as ingredient in stew, curry, salad, stuffed, roasted, grilled or deep fried. The following aubergine recipe is a simple vegetarian dish full of flavour and delicious plus pretty easy to prepare it. Ingredients 4-5 large aubergines, sliced lengthwise 1 medium red bell pepper, finely chopped… Continue reading Aubergine Pirogue