How to make potato peel chips

If you have lots of potatoes and you don’t know what to do with potato skins, simply, don't bin those potato skins, and make crispy crunchy potato peel chips. There are 10s of ways to flavour these potato skins chips and basically you would need potatoes as much as you want, oil and salt.… Continue reading How to make potato peel chips

cutlet/ pattie, Vegetarains

Red Lentil Patties

These lentil patties are egg free, delicious, satisfying, hearty and healthy, plus easy and quick to make and protein rich meal. One of the best ideas for adding lentils to your diet. These vegetarian lentil patties are crispy-crunchy on the outside and hearty and soft texture on the inside. Red Lentil Patties Food processor… Continue reading Red Lentil Patties


Vegan Cheese, The Easiest Way to Make It At Home طرز تهیه آسان ترین پنیر گیاهی در منزل

سلام دوستان عزیز این ویدیو در مورد طرز تهیه سه نوع پنیر بسیار خوشمزه وآسان گیاهی هست . فکر میکنم دوستان وگان و گیاهخوار دوست داشته باشند.