Rainbow Cake

This gorgeous rainbow cake or cookies tastes awesome. It’s easy to make and could be fabulous treat at the Valentine’s Day with beautiful colours and heart shape.   Ingredients 260g plain flour 250g Baking butter 225g sugar 112ml milk 6 eggs 41ml Vegetable oil 3tsp Baking powder 1tsp Vanilla extract   Method Add sugar, butter, oil and vanilla extract into a bowl. Beat for 4 … Continue reading Rainbow Cake

Chocolate soup

Valentine’s day is a celebration of romance in many countries around the world. In Iran from ancient times there is an Iranian festival that is known as the Iranian Day of Love (Sepandarmazgaan) that on 24th Feb and it was a special feast of the women and girls. Men used to make them presents, all women and girls were treated as queens and whatever they … Continue reading Chocolate soup