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Chocolate dipped Orange peel- dates and raisins

Anytime I make a dish, desert or jam with orange, it brings amazing beautiful bright coloعr and warm perfume into all kind of my recipes. Orange peel or fruit in sugar syrup is popular in Middle East. but they are not jam. Because It is crystallized fruit or a pieces of peel that are cooked… Continue reading Chocolate dipped Orange peel- dates and raisins

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Ginger Biscuits (Christmas Cookies)

Every year I bake ginger biscuits for family and extra for sharing with friends and neighbours. They are lovely with a cup of tea or coffee. Ingredients 600g plain flour 150g self-raising flour 100g butter 250ml golden syrup 250g brown sugar 2 eggs 1 orange 1/2 tbs cinnamon powder 1tbsp ginger powder 3/4 tsp cloves… Continue reading Ginger Biscuits (Christmas Cookies)