Happy New Year 2020

Lets be kind to each other, help each other , do not forget our beloved ones , our friends and neighbours, make happy each other, pray for our dearly missed ones. I am wishing a happy, and prosperous new year to everyone. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2020.

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My Favourite Cooking Accessories

I am often asked by my readers where I buy my kitchen items that I use to display my recipes. Some of these items are difficult to find in High Street shops, so I turn to Amazon and I can usually find things that I need. I will be doing a set of feature articles… Continue reading My Favourite Cooking Accessories


Persian Private Cooking Lessons At Home

Hello every one, perhaps some of you know, I am conducting private Persian cooking classes at my home in Ayrshire. My classes are in small groups of 4 or individually. By joining my cooking classes, you will have chance to learn how to prepare authentic and traditional Persian and Azerbaijani meals. My traditional recipes are… Continue reading Persian Private Cooking Lessons At Home


Deep Fried Tomatoes گوجه فرنگی سوخاری

I love these deep fried tomatoes. They look beautiful before and after cooking. They taste delicious and so easy to make them at home. It’s one most tastiest way to use tomatoes. I promise, even if you do not like tomatoes with try these fried ones, you would love it. Yes I know, I know,… Continue reading Deep Fried Tomatoes گوجه فرنگی سوخاری