Black Bean Soup

Preparing black bean soup from scratch is simple, and quick. Black beans contain fiber to keeps you feeling full, and they have vitamin B6. They are good to cotrol cholestrol in the blood. Black Bean Soup Black Bean Soup 800 g canned black bean, drained and rinsed1 large nion, finely diced 1 medium bell pepper,… Continue reading Black Bean Soup


Iranian Cold Cucumber Soup (Abdoogh Khiar)

Abdoogh khiar آبدوغ خیار is one of traditional Summer dishes. It is a kind a cold, refreshing and seasonal cucumber soup with yogurt. Imagine, coming back home from a hard day work in office or from school or university in a hot Summer day and treat yourself with an cold, aromatic and refreshing cucumber soup.… Continue reading Iranian Cold Cucumber Soup (Abdoogh Khiar)

Side dish, Soup/aash, Vegetarains

Chickpea Soup سوپ نخود

Nothing is like a big bowl of delicious soup in cold weather. I usally make soup every other day. Today’s soup is chickpea soup. Chickpea, Garbanzo beans/Chana, or Gram, that is called ‘ Nokhod نخود ‘ in Farsi, is a kind of legume, that is high in protein.. In Iranian cuisine, we are using chickpeas… Continue reading Chickpea Soup سوپ نخود


Yarma Corbasi سوپ بلغور/ یارما شورباسی

Any kind of soup, specially in Winter time is always favourite in my house. Today, I made a local soup, which is called Yarma Corbasi یارما شورباسی or bulgur soupسوپ بلغور. Basically you do not need a long list of ingredients, very few ones which are usually available in most kitchen’s shelves. Bulgur یارما/بلغور has… Continue reading Yarma Corbasi سوپ بلغور/ یارما شورباسی


Easy Garlic Soup Recipe سوپ سیر

This is a delicious and comforting garlic soup. Amazingly, garlic taste, is not as you expect, and actually is pretty nice and not annoying. Garlic or as we say in Farsi : seer سیر is amazing for it’s medicinal benefits and for it’s flavour. I know people who swallowing raw garlic every day for it’s… Continue reading Easy Garlic Soup Recipe سوپ سیر