Iranian Cold Cucumber Soup (Abdoogh Khiar)

Abdoogh khiar آبدوغ خیار is one of traditional Summer dishes. It is a kind a cold, refreshing and seasonal cucumber soup with yogurt. Imagine, coming back home from a hard day work in office or from school or university in a hot Summer day and treat yourself with an cold, aromatic and refreshing cucumber soup.… Continue reading Iranian Cold Cucumber Soup (Abdoogh Khiar)

Side dish, Soup/aash, Vegetarains

Chickpea Soup سوپ نخود

Nothing is like a big bowl of delicious soup in cold weather. I usally make soup every other day. Today’s soup is chickpea soup. Chickpea, Garbanzo beans/Chana, or Gram, that is called ‘ Nokhod نخود ‘ in Farsi, is a kind of legume, that is high in protein.. In Iranian cuisine, we are using chickpeas… Continue reading Chickpea Soup سوپ نخود


Yarma Corbasi سوپ بلغور/ یارما شورباسی

Any kind of soup, specially in Winter time is always favourite in my house. Today, I made a local soup, which is called Yarma Corbasi یارما شورباسی or bulgur soupسوپ بلغور. Basically you do not need a long list of ingredients, very few ones which are usually available in most kitchen’s shelves. Bulgur یارما/بلغور has… Continue reading Yarma Corbasi سوپ بلغور/ یارما شورباسی


Easy Garlic Soup Recipe سوپ سیر

This is a delicious and comforting garlic soup. Amazingly, garlic taste, is not as you expect, and actually is pretty nice and not annoying. Garlic or as we say in Farsi : seer سیر is amazing for it’s medicinal benefits and for it’s flavour. I know people who swallowing raw garlic every day for it’s… Continue reading Easy Garlic Soup Recipe سوپ سیر


Carrot-Ginger Soup سوپ هویج و زنجبیل

A light and smooth carrot soup with ginger. A good choice for cold weather with light bright colour and flavourful. Very easy and quick soup to prepare and enjoy a yummy soup specialy with caramelized onions and yogurt topping is so delicious. Carrot-Ginger Soup 8 carrots peeled and cut into pieces2 medium potatoes, diced3 large… Continue reading Carrot-Ginger Soup سوپ هویج و زنجبیل