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Home-made Fish Seasoning

My mother used to prepare her own home made fish seasoning mix ادویه ماهی. It is a very nice and delicious mixture of dried herbs, freshly ground and good quality spices to increase the flavour of fish and yet you do not need any fancy ingredients. I use same recipe and I am very happy… Continue reading Home-made Fish Seasoning

Sea food

Prawn Cocktail

Prawn/shrimp cocktail کوکتل میگو is a kind of seafood dish with a tasty Tartar sauceسس تارتار . Usually you can find seafood sauce in your local supermarkets but it is easy to make it at home from scratch. Tartar sauce is used as a condiment with seafood meals. Ingredients 300g prawns, shelled and cooked 3tbsp… Continue reading Prawn Cocktail

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Sabzi Polo Ba Mahi سبزی پلو ماهی

Sabziسبزی in Farsi language refers to green herbs and poloپلو means rice. Sabzi polo سبزی پلو is an Iranian rice dish with freshly  chopped herbs such as dillشوید, parsley جعفری, corianderگشنیز, chives تره, garlic سیر .. . that is served with  crispy fried fish (mahi ماهی) or Persian herbs frittata (kookoo sabzi کوکو سبزی). Herb… Continue reading Sabzi Polo Ba Mahi سبزی پلو ماهی