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Home-made Fish Seasoning

My mother used to prepare her own home made fish seasoning mix ادویه ماهی. It is a very nice and delicious mixture of dried herbs, freshly ground and good quality spices to increase the flavour of fish and yet you do not need any fancy ingredients. I use same recipe and I am very happy… Continue reading Home-made Fish Seasoning

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Fava Bean Dip دیپ لپه باقالی

Any appetizer tray will be more delicious with dipping sauce or with dip دیپ and is perfect for any family or friends gatherings and party. One of nice dipping sauce is Fava bean dip دیپ لپه باقالی, which is, creamy, delight , rich and full of flavour. Fava beans dip is made with just a… Continue reading Fava Bean Dip دیپ لپه باقالی


How to Make Kashk طرز تهیه کشک خانگی

Whey which is called Kashk کشک in Farsi, is a kind of dairy products. It is similar to sour cream and used in Iranian cuisine. Kashk is made from drained yogurt by boiling it. If you are living in Iran, you can buy kashk from every local supermarkets but if you are living in abroad,… Continue reading How to Make Kashk طرز تهیه کشک خانگی