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A Delicious Spicy Mexican Rice Recipe پلو مکزیکی

Mexican rice dish due to using tomato puree and paste has a gorgeous orange colour. It is a spicy and tasty rice dish. For making this rice we need long grain rice. It is an easy recipe that would be ready in less than 40 minutes. Spicy Mexican Rice 2 cups long grain rice, washed… Continue reading A Delicious Spicy Mexican Rice Recipe پلو مکزیکی


Persian Pilaf with Turmeric Crust پلو با ته دیگ زردچوبه

This elegant rice dish with yellow colour and crispy crust (tahdig), is full of aromatic flavour. If you are familiar with Iranian rice and tahdig ته دیگ you would love to try this recipe too. Tahdig is pan fried layer of crust at the bottom of the rice pot. You can make tahdig either with… Continue reading Persian Pilaf with Turmeric Crust پلو با ته دیگ زردچوبه


Orange Juice Rice کته پرتقالی

I do not know if you have heard about cooked rice with orange juice or not but I have heard and cooked . I promise it will be a big hit on your table. It has a wonderful flavour and everyone will keep saying how good it tastes. It is just so good. A combination… Continue reading Orange Juice Rice کته پرتقالی

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Dill-Potato Rice (Dami-e Shivid Sibzamini)

Dill rice is one of traditional, delicious, flavoured and fragrant fluffy Persian rice dish. Dill is called Shivid شوید in Farsi, This aromatic herb has a lovely flavour and aroma. There are different recipes for dill rice. Sometimes you can mix dill and Fava beans with rice and sometimes mix dill and potatoes with rice.… Continue reading Dill-Potato Rice (Dami-e Shivid Sibzamini)

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Pomegranate Rice انار پلو

Pomegranate rice انار پلو is one of ceremonial meals and recipes for especial night in Iranian calendar which is called Yalda night. Yalda ( on December 21) is one of traditional events in Iran which marks as longest and darkest night of the year. In other countries like: Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan are also celebrating… Continue reading Pomegranate Rice انار پلو