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Most Delicious Persian Herb Rice

Rice is called Berenj برنج in Farsi language. It is important part of Iranian cuisine. Herb rice is an  Iranian dish of rice  with dried or freshly chopped herbs and garlic. Herb rice might be served with fish, herbs omelette (koko کوکو) , or tuna fish. Ingredients 2 cups white grain rice 3 cups of… Continue reading Most Delicious Persian Herb Rice


How to make Persian Steamed Rice

Rice and bread are the staple foods of the Iranians. he ypical Iranian main dishes are combinations of plain rcie with stew, or rice mixed with veggies, herbs, fruits and nuts. There are also varieties of different rice dishes with vegetables and herbs which are sooooooooo scrumptious, inviting, mouthwaterng and yummmy. Please watch my videos in youtbe : they… Continue reading How to make Persian Steamed Rice

Rice, Stew with polow

Fesenjan With Meatballs

Fesenjan/Fesenjoon فسنجان/فسنجون is one of the most popular, expensive and sensational dishes in Iranian cuisine. This luxurious dish, is one of the  traditional Persian stews or khoreshخورشت. Fesenjaan فسنجان was a ceremonial dish in ancient Iran in the era of the Sassanian empire (224-651 AD) as  new year meal. Fesenjan stew خورش فسنجان It is basically made… Continue reading Fesenjan With Meatballs

Rice, Tah dig

A Different Tah dig with Dough

Persian (Iranian) rice gets steamed with the most scrumptious, crunchy and golden crust that is called ‘ tahdig ته دیگ’ meaning bottom of the pot in Farsi language. Tahdig, is speciality of Iranian cuisine consisting of crispy, crunchy, golden browned layer of either rice – bread, potatoes or meat taken from the bottom of the… Continue reading A Different Tah dig with Dough