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Hi dear food lovers. The following link is my latest video in my youtube channel about different types of rice. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKUgPPyzBBU

Rice, Stew with polow

Fesenjan With Meatballs

Fesenjan/Fesenjoon فسنجان/فسنجون is one of the most popular, expensive and sensational dishes in Iranian cuisine. This luxurious dish, is one of the  traditional Persian stews or khoreshخورشت. Fesenjaan فسنجان was a ceremonial dish in ancient Iran in the era of the Sassanian empire (224-651 AD) as  new year meal. Fesenjan stew خورش فسنجان It is basically made… Continue reading Fesenjan With Meatballs

Rice, Tah dig

A Different Tah dig with Dough

Persian (Iranian) rice gets steamed with the most scrumptious, crunchy and golden crust that is called ‘ tahdig ته دیگ’ meaning bottom of the pot in Farsi language. Tahdig, is speciality of Iranian cuisine consisting of crispy, crunchy, golden browned layer of either rice – bread, potatoes or meat taken from the bottom of the… Continue reading A Different Tah dig with Dough


Iranian Cabbage Rice (Kalam Polo Shirazi)

This meal is one of the most popular rice dishes in Iran. It’s called Shirazi kalam polowکلم پلو شیرازی, one of traditional classic rice dish from Shiraz. Kalma means cabbage کلم and polow پلو means rice/pilaf. To make Shirazi cabbage rice, you need white cabbage leaves or Kholrabi cabbage کلم قمری(German turnip), rice, fresh aromatic… Continue reading Iranian Cabbage Rice (Kalam Polo Shirazi)

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A Delicious Spicy Mexican Rice Recipe پلو مکزیکی

Mexican rice dish due to using tomato puree and paste has a gorgeous orange colour. It is a spicy and tasty rice dish. For making this rice we need long grain rice. It is an easy recipe that would be ready in less than 40 minutes. Spicy Mexican Rice 2 cups long grain rice, washed… Continue reading A Delicious Spicy Mexican Rice Recipe پلو مکزیکی