Egg Pizza Toast

A quick and delicious pizza without dough. Egg Pizza Toast 6 eggs250 g Mozarella or Cheddar cheese, grated6 slices of toast breadSmall bunch of chives or spring onions1 small red bell pepper, chopped1 small onion, finely choppedHam or sausages, choppedSalt and pepper to taste Preheat the oven to 180C degree.Crack the eggs in a bowl.… Continue reading Egg Pizza Toast


Pizza Churros with Cheese

Honestly, could you believe these gorgeous churros are small size pizza?? 😎😎They look like churros but not sweet churros with hot chocolate. In one of my previous posts, I have shared churros recipe. If you are interested please click here: For making pizza churros, I just used Mozzarella cheese but you can add tiny pieces… Continue reading Pizza Churros with Cheese


No-Oven Pizza پیتزا تابه ای

Hi everyone, hope you are doing well. Has it happened to you, follow a pizza recipe and at the end of the recipe it says, ok now place it in the oven and suddenly all your dreams are ruined because you have not got an oven or your oven is out of order. But do… Continue reading No-Oven Pizza پیتزا تابه ای


Potato pizza پیتزا سیب زمینی

I guess for pizza and potato lovers this recipe might be   an amazing idea. So delicious, very easy recipe and prepared in half an hour. No need to dough or flour. Simply with potatoes make it. Ingredients 2 large potatoes, washed and sliced 1 green bell pepperSalami slicesMixed pizza cheese2tbsp black olives, pitted and chopped1tsp… Continue reading Potato pizza پیتزا سیب زمینی

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Fried Pizza

This pizza is incredibly tasty, amazing and easy to make . Just look at the fried bread of pizza and tell me am i right or wrong :). Ingredients for dough 250 g plain flour 250 ml taped water 10 g dried yeast Pinch of Salt   Ingredients for topping 400 g chopped tomatoes 1… Continue reading Fried Pizza