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Sesame Balls توپک کنجدی

Sesame balls is a kind of fried Chinese pastry desert made from sweet rice flour (a kind of short grain rice is sticky when cooked). Sesame ball is coated either with white or black and white sesame seeds on the outside. Inside the pastry is filled with a filling such as red bean paste, black… Continue reading Sesame Balls توپک کنجدی

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Leek& Bacon Risotto ریزوتو تره فرنگی و بیکن

Risotto or as we write it in Farsi: ریزوتو – ریسوتو – رسوتو is a kind of Italian rice dish. The type of rice in making Risoto is a sort of short-grain. Most common rice in making risotto are: Carnaroli, Aroborio, Vialone, … . This kind of rice with high starch content cause a sticky… Continue reading Leek& Bacon Risotto ریزوتو تره فرنگی و بیکن

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Three coloured Borek

Borek is a Turkish dish, a thin pastry dough called which is called Yufka. Borek maybe baked or fried with different kinds of fillings such as carrots, spinach, potatoes,  Feta cheese, minced meat, ... Ingredients Filo pastry sheets 500g spinach, chopped 200g minced beef 200 g Feta cheese 2 cloves garlic 3 carrots, grated 1… Continue reading Three coloured Borek

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Tuna Rice paper wraps

These tuna rolls takes 15 minutes to make. If I make them in my parties, they are first things to go and disappear. I am sure your family members and friends would love it even most picky ones would love it. I love flexible recipes and this tuna rice paper wraps is one of those.… Continue reading Tuna Rice paper wraps

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Chinese Beef Chow Mein

This tasty dish is popular in China. Chow meaning fried and mein meaning noodles. It’s a sort of stir fried dish consisting noodles, meat ( might be chicken, beef, shrimp) with vegetables such as onion, bell peppers, …. Ingredients 100g beef, cut into think strips 200 g dried egg noodles 1 small yellow-orange bell peppers, cut into… Continue reading Chinese Beef Chow Mein