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Chocolate Bomb

This chocolate bombs are known as Izmir bomb or Izmir bomba. It is a Turkish traditional dessert filled up with melted chocolate cream or Nuttela. It is rich, impressive and unforgettable dessert. It is very quick and easy recipe to follow. Everyone will love it. Chocolate bomb 140 g plain flour70 ml lukewarm water2 tbsp… Continue reading Chocolate Bomb

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Homemade Oven Sun Dried Tomatoes

When we hear the term sun-dried tomatoes, we think of Italian tomatoes dried under a Mediterranean sun. But I think it is just a term for this tasty product even if we dry it in the oven. I have tried store bought sun dried tomatoes but believe me they are not as tasty as home… Continue reading Homemade Oven Sun Dried Tomatoes

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Delicious & Crispy Italian Eggplant Balls

Aubergines/ eggplants or as we call in Farsi Bademjan بادمجان is a key ingredient in Iranian diet. Eggplants are good source of vitamins and minerals. We love eggplants and make lots of dishes including meat less or with chicken, beef, lamb meat, we serve eggplant dishes with naan bread or with rice. So as an… Continue reading Delicious & Crispy Italian Eggplant Balls

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Refreshing Saffron Mango Lassi

Lassi is a traditional Indian beverage. Lassi is a yogurt based drink and might be sweet lassi or salty lassi. Sweet Lassi is a mixture of yogurt with spices, milk /rose water and fruits such as mango, strawberries or lemon. It is flavoured with cardamom, saffron and rose water. Salty Lassi is a mixture of… Continue reading Refreshing Saffron Mango Lassi

Desserts, Nations food

Fried Milk

Leche frita means fried milk a delicious Spanish dessert which is made of milk. Can you believe fried milk?? !!!! Since I have learned to make this dessert it is one of our favourites. Leche frita is a typical dessert in North of Spain. Basically it is made with milk and corn flour/flour until to… Continue reading Fried Milk