Nations food

Potato Pakora

Aloo pakora is a delicious, quick and simple snack made with potatoes. Pakora پاکورا /tempura تمپورا or fritterفریتر are same name for deep fried vegetables that are coated with batter. The batter might be made with gram flour or mixture of gram flour with rice flour or plain flour and spices. They are best served… Continue reading Potato Pakora

Nations food, Salad/pickles/ jams

Russian Tomato Salad

This is a delicious tomato salad with simple and little ingredients. Super simple with super available ingredients in every pantry, including: tomatoes, onion (red or white) and yogurt or sour cream, it will be your personal choice. Tomato salad, would go perfectly on burgers or with stews and curry too. You can prepare the salad… Continue reading Russian Tomato Salad

Desserts, Nations food

Dutch Baby

A beautiful, big , puff off pancake. You have no idea that with a few ingredients how much is easy to create such a giant and yummy pancake پنکیک for an impressive breakfast treat. We will need one of these cast iron skillet and a pair of gloves. Dtuch baby داچ بیبی is known as… Continue reading Dutch Baby

Bread, Nations food

Khachapuri Bread

Khachapuri خاچاپوری is a traditional Georgian cheese bread. It is a representation of boat shaped bread with sun (egg) in the middle of boat. It is a kind of cheese and egg bread. Khachapuri is similar to Turkish pide pizzaپینزا پیده with boat shaped dough: click here for recipe Khachapuri is a bread topped with… Continue reading Khachapuri Bread

Bread, Nations food

Easy Homemade Ciabatta Bread طرز تهیه نان بولکی

Ciabatta چیباتا/چاباتا is an Italian white and light bread with a crispy outside and soft on the inside. This bread is created in 1982. Ciabatta bread for Italians is like baguettes bread for French. For making Ciabatta, no need to egg/s, no need to knead and no need to any mixer. Actually with a very easy… Continue reading Easy Homemade Ciabatta Bread طرز تهیه نان بولکی