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A Nice Video By A Friend

Hello friends. I just got a video from one of my new friends ,Chris C Hogan, on Facebook and in my YouTube Channel. He made a beautiful video from one of my food recipe : Persian Meat Patties. He made my day with this video, and I am so pleased that he liked my recipe… Continue reading A Nice Video By A Friend

Meat patty ( cutlet)

Kotlet (Persian Meat Patties)

Cutlet/ Kotlet کتلت is an Iranian version of meat patty. It is mixture of ground beef or lamb with potatoes (whether boiled or raw), onions, spices, bread crumbs or chickpea flour. If you are not a fan of beef/lamb, you can use ground turkey or chicken instead. Click here for other kotlet recipe: They are incredibly… Continue reading Kotlet (Persian Meat Patties)

Meat patty ( cutlet), Nations food

German Meat Patties

These flat pan fried ground meat patties or meatballs are known as Frikadellenفریکادلن In Germany, Denmark, Scandinavian countries and Mielone kotlety in Poland. These meatballs are made from minced meat, eggs, chopped onions, bread crumbs, and spices. You can serve these meat patties as a main course or side dish. German Meat Patties 500 g… Continue reading German Meat Patties

kookoo/ frittata, Meat patty ( cutlet)

Iranian Potato Patties Sandwich

Iranian crispy potato patties, which is called Kookoo sibzamini کوکو سیب زمینی in Farsi, is a classic dish. First of all, I should give a brief description about what is kookoo کوکو. In cookbooks from Safavid Dynasty امپراطوری صفوی (about 400 years ago), mention kookoo. Kookoo/kuku کوکو is a popular Persian dish patty with eggs… Continue reading Iranian Potato Patties Sandwich